Since 1952
Gears and Gearboxes

C-B Gear & Machine, Inc.

Gear Capabilities

Spur, Double, and Single Helical Gears

(Max. Diameter 20 ft.)


Spur, Helical Gear Grinding

(Max. diameter 157" or 13.1')


Herringbone Gears

(Max. Diameter 6-1/2 ft.)


Straight Bevel Gears

(Max diameter 5 ft.)


Spiral Bevel Gears

(Max diameter 39 ")


Worm and Worm Gears

(Max. Diameter 100 inch plus

Worm Gear: 9 inch worm)


Internal Gears

(Max Diameter -10ft.; Max. stroke 11.8 inch)


Splines -internal, and external


Slewing Rings -70"

Gear Grinding 

Profile grinding forms both tooth and spaces using contoured form grinding wheels. As a result, the machine kinematics are simple yet highly accurate and are the basis for outstanding process reliability and convincing machining quality.

The radial in-feed of the wheel combined with axial feed determine removal rate. A     necessary lead for grinding helical angles is produced by the corresponding rotation of the table. Radial and or Rotational displacements allow for highly flexible lead modifications.

The profile to be ground and its accuracy are determined by the form and the accuracy of the grinding wheel. Involute gears as well as innumerable special profiles can also be ground, even in the root.

To verify the quality of our product, our grinder has on-board checking. This allows us to check the part without ever removing it from the grinder. An inspection report is generated along with AGMA quality.