Gearbox Repair

C-B Gear & Machine is a complete gearbox repair facility and offers improvement solutions for virtually all types and manufacturers of gearboxes. We will determine a cost-effective and high quality repair for your gearbox. Our company provides solutions that will increase productivity and reduce downtime. We are one of the largest repair facilities in North America. We also have emergency and rush service available.

Our process starts with a detailed teardown and inspection of every component, including the gearbox housing. After further research into the application, installation, and operating environment, we provide our customers with a comprehensive inspection report and quotation.

Since C-B Gear manufactures all types and sizes of gears we are not dependent on the OEM for components. This gives our customers peace of mind that we can maintain quality in house.

Premature Failures

If your gearbox is failing before the expected life, please let us know so that we can work with you to extend its life. We will use your information and examine the unit for items such as pitting, overload, misalignment, fatigue, and soft foot.