Gear Manufacturing

C-B Gear & Machine has specialized in gearing for several of the heavy duty markets for over 60 years. We have the capabilities to duplicate, replace and repair almost any gear shape, size and make. C-B Gear & Machine has the most advanced gear cutting, form grinding, and engineering to ensure the highest quality gears available today. We specialize in spur gears, double helical gears, internal gears, spiral bevel gears, bull gears and pinions, herringbone gears, bevel gears, and worm gears to name a few.

Gear Capabilities

Spur, Double, and Single Helical Gears

(Max Diameter 20 ft.)

Spur Helical Gear Grinding

(Max. diameter 157" or 13.1')

Herringbone Gear

(Max diameter 6-1/2 ft.)

Straight Bevel Gears

(Max. diameter 5 ft.)

Spiral Beval Gears

(Max.diameter 39")

Worm and worm Gears

(max. diameter 100 inch plus worm Gear: 9 inch worm)

Internal Gears

(Max. diameter 10 ft.; Max. stroke 12 inch)

Splines -internal, and external

Slewing Rings -70"