C-B Gear & Machine is a full service machine shop founded in 1952 and specializing in gears, gearboxes, and power transmission equipment. C-B Gear and Machine has over 200 machines, and many special capabilities such as complete engineering and manufacture of custom gearboxes per customer specifications. A partial list of equipment is as follows:

CNC Machining:

CNC Form Grinder: Niles 2.4 Meter (2400 X 1000 Q15)
CNC Form Grinder: Gleason 1.8 Meter
CNC 3 Niles Form Grinders: 1200 MM (AGMA Q15)
CNC Form Grinding Machines: 4 Meter Max Diameter (AGMA Q15 quality)
CNC Multiple Gear Hobbers 63” Max OD (20 feet Max OD for non-CNC)
CNC Multiple Lathes (33” Max diameter, 160” Max length)
CNC Multiple Vertical Milling (four axis)
CNC Multiple Horizontal Machining Center (5.3” bar, five axis)
CNC Multiple Vertical Boring Mills With Live Tooling (80” diameter)

Gear Cutting:

Spur, Double, and Single Helical Gears (Max. dia. 20 ft.)
Spur, Helical Gear Grinding (4 meter OD Max Form Grinding)
Herringbone Gears (Max. dia. 6-1/2 ft.)
Straight Bevel Gears (Max. dia. 5 ft.)
Spiral Bevel Gearing
Worm and Worm Gears (Max dia. 100 inch + Worm gear; max 20” inch worm X 14 ft long)
Worm Grinding
Internal Gears (Max dia. 10 ft.; Max. stroke 12 inch)
Splines-internal, and external
Sprockets (Roller Chain & Silent Chain)
Segmented and Split Gears, Rack and Pinions

Gear Box Repair:

Parallel Shaft Drives
Worm Gear Drives
Planetary Drives
Check/re-machine housings
Spin Testing
Right Angle Drives Replicate Complete Unit
In-Line Drives
Re-rates (Gearsets and/or bearings)
Custom Designed Gearbox Manufacture
Vibration Analysis


Engine Lathes (Max. dia. 76 inch 6.3 ft; Max. length 25 ft.)
Turret Lathes
Vertical Boring Mills (Max. dia. 20 ft.; Max. height 10 ft.)
Horizontal and vertical mills (5 inch bar max. on HBM)
Slotters, Drill Presses, Keyseaters, Broaching Machines

Gear Inspection:

6 Grinders with On-Board Checking
M & M Gear Checker (40” x 60”)
CMM inspection (Zeiss & Romer Arm CMM)
Magnetic Particle Inspection and
Die Penetrant performed in house
(UT, destructive testing etc at outside lab)

Field Service:

Technical Support
Supervise Installations and Alignment
Vibration Analysis

Special Capabilities:

Wire EDM
Dynamic Balancing
Induction Hardening
Waterjet Cutting
750 Ton Press